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Weichai Deutz Generator Engines

Weichai Deutz WP2.1 - WP4.3
15 - 50kVA

Weichai Deutz WP4 - WP6
30 - 150kVA

Weichai Deutz WP10 - WP13
188 - 375kVA

Weichai Deutz M26 - M33 450 - 1250kVA

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Weichai Deutz Generator Engines (Formerly known as Yucheng Ironworks), was founded in 1946 in Weihai, Shandong Province, China, and has gone through a number of mergers and name changes since. Under Weichai Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd, the company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1998. In 2006, through substantial asset restructuring, Weichai Deutz Generator Engines, focussed heavily on their medium-speed diesel engines among other products. Weichai Holding Group Co. Ltd. is now the controlling shareholder.

Through a wide, comprehensive range of products, Weichai Deutz Generator Engines has become a top-tier supplier in the marine and power generating markets. They specialise in the development, manufacturing and distribution of 30 to 12000 Horsepower, medium to high-speed diesel engines, generating sets and powertrain systems. They also facilitate the selling of diesel engine parts and marine gearbox parts.

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